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Open DongSon cement tile factory in Quang Ngai Province

CTS was formerly known as Dong Son tile basis was established in 1988 with an initial base production households. After a period of market access in Vietnam, with the strength about good skills of our ancestors, until the early 1990 Dong Son cement tiles had large market throughout central Vietnam. Dong Son cement tile is used more in Hoi An, Hue, Quang Ngai, Tam Ky, Quy Nhon…

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After 10 years of production.

Around the time of 1998-2000 the rise of industrial ceramic tiles cheap price. Cement tiles prices can’t compete so hard, not only led to the Dong Son factory but also many other brick factory to break up the market.

This has marked a milestone that later, when the Dong Son workmen extremely regret when the molds import from French has leaved was lost with time.

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Love of job

Despite the suspension of production since 1998, but with tiles profession there are esoteric, it will always be kept waiting to be restored again. The esoteric elements of cement tiles as: :

  • Recipe of colored.
  • Recipe of mold release oil.
  • Recipe of polish oil.
  • The treatments of the old tile surface.
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Dong Son cement tile come back to market

The main concern for the loss of cement tiles along with passion for this job always flowing in the heart of Dong Son artisans. By 2010, we have returned with the breakthrough of quality product and new design. The combination of a number of modern methods of production & support of multiple additives. Dong Son tile is further confirmed his place in the customer’s mind.

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New brand – New image

The return to refresh yourself, we have returned to the cement tiles market. CTS is the new brand we use. The new models of the EU, US, Middle East … was first produced in our tiles factory. On the other hand, we began to apply the highly technical elements of the tiles production & storage. CTS brand starts here !!!

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Open CTS cement tile factory in Binh Duong

With these new elements should have a breakthrough in the development of the market, should CTS began to have a new plan for developing new models and create the best conditions for customers to approach us. CTS open a factory in Binh Duong province.

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Vietnam Cement Tile Limited Company.

2014 opening for a new step in the development of CTS tiles market. CTS has conducted open Vietnam Cement Tile Company & new showroom in Hochiminh city. Promises about CTS tiles in Vietnam’s biggest market.
With the showroom in Hochiminh city, customers will choose their own hands the bricks like the best. CTS also support the design models in accordance with construction area of customer request.

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Some vintage pattern CTS

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Our partner

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